Solar power plant, 5 MW


Project goal is the provision of green energy as well as ecological development of the Republic of Moldova.


Solar power plant, 5 MW

New PV modules with a high productivity rate will be installed, which are perfectly optimized for placing on facades and are perfectly suitable as they do not require any additional effort, as the already tested fastening structures are used for curtain walls.

Profitability from the installation of ground-mounted photovoltaic modules



Power generation, per year:

5 MW

Profitability sum, per year

600 417,84 €



Investment return period

4,80 years

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Target Equity Multiple:


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  • Instant access to operational information about the state of affairs in the company, regardless of the distance
  • Forming a single database of indicators required for all types of reporting
  • Allows you to improve the efficiency of task management
  • Provides transparency of production processes for company management
  • Real-time monitoring of the correspondence of real expenditures to planned

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