About Our Company

Kirsan started its business as a construction company in Moldova in 2010. Since then the company has taken a leading position in the construction industry. With a very strong base and large building volumes in Moldova, Kirsan Group has also successfully secured its position in international markets and related business sectors.

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Construction machinery

Heavy equipment

The technical department is equipped with modern equipment and machines of well-known manufacturers such as Casagrande and Bauer, Cat, Peri, etc.

Meet our team

About the developer

Kirsan Construction, the developer of the future with more than 10 years of experience KIRSAN uses the latest construction technologies. This allows to build reliable buildings with high security in difficult soils, as well as provide a high degree of seismic stability.

The company has a unique technical park equipped with the most modern equipment of famous European manufacturers,such as Casagrande and Bauer. KIRSAN is the only company in Moldova that uses the latest generation of drilling equipment for jet cementation of soils.

KIRSAN holding is focused on the most complete and effective satisfaction of customers and investors needs through acomprehensive approach to construction without involving third-party financiers, which allows implementing projects of any complexity in a short time.

The total number of employees is more than 1000 people. The quality and reliability of any service provided, starting from construction to commissioning is confirmed by extensive practical experience.

By the numbers

Residential complexs build
Of the Units are based in 🇲🇩 Moldova 5,000+
Building right now
Q4 2023 Apartment Units

Subdivisions of the KIRSAN company group

Real estate sales

Transport and logistics

Investment and real estate management

IT and information security

Turnkey repair

Finishing work
Plumbing work
Installation of furniture and equipment

Analytical department

Analysis of the land market Real Estate Market Analysis The financial analysis

Marketing and communication

Marketing department
Advertising production
PR department

Administrative building

Financial department
Legal Department

Mortgage and micro-crediting

Engineering and architecture

Design department
Architectural department
Department of Interior Design
Estimated department

Construction Department

Financial department
Legal Department


Procurement and Supply

Automated system KRS BUILDING

  • Instant access to operational information about the state of affairs in the company, regardless of the distance
  • Forming a single database of indicators required for all types of reporting
  • Allows you to improve the efficiency of task management
  • Provides transparency of production processes for company management
  • Real-time monitoring of the correspondence of real expenditures to planned