Factory of solar panels in Moldova


Project goal is to start production of photovoltaic (solar) panels in the Republic of Moldova.


Factory of solar panels in Moldova

Key figures:

Production of standard solar panels: 6 production lines,total productivity of 100 MW.

Production cycle: 900 to 1200m² per shift

Production area: 3000 square meters.

Items to be produced:

·        Heterostructural PV module FM/G-2-SP-448,bifacial  

·        Heterostructural PV module FM/G-2-CC-448,bifacial  

·        “Solar roof” modules

·        Façade-integrated modules

Total cost of the project:

EUR 3.300.000.00 

Profitability of the project:

47 %

Key figures

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Target Equity Multiple:


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Finance details

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Total commitment:


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Terms & details

Key figures

  • Equity required
  • Yield + Capital Growth
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Deal highlights

  • Instant access to operational information about the state of affairs in the company, regardless of the distance
  • Forming a single database of indicators required for all types of reporting
  • Allows you to improve the efficiency of task management
  • Provides transparency of production processes for company management
  • Real-time monitoring of the correspondence of real expenditures to planned

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